How To Organize Baking Supplies

This post has been sponsored by Rubbermaid. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rob and I have lived in our house for almost 5 months now, but I feel like I’m still trying to figure out the best way to organize our kitchen. We don’t have a pantry, which has been an adjustment for us, so our cupboards end up becoming quite the mess. My baking cabinet was especially a disaster. It was stuffed with bags of ingredients, decorating supplies and mixing bowls. I would grab ingredients as I was baking and then put them back in wherever they would fit. I’m a very Type A person, so this lack of organization was starting to stress me out and make baking less fun. After all of the treats I made during the holiday season (and the mess that resulted) I wanted to get organized and start fresh for the New Year. With the help of Rubbermaid I was able to neatly arrange all of my ingredients and supplies! Since I know a lot of you want to clean out your house this time of year, too, I’m excited to share some tips for how to organize your baking supplies and pantry essentials.


Store your basic ingredients in food storage containers. Since I bake often for the blog I go through a lot of ingredients. I’ve started to buy them in bulk so that I’m not running to the store all the time. Instead of dealing with the big bags I pour them into more manageable containers. I really like the Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCETM Pantry line because the quality and design are amazing! These containers stack really well and create a cohesive look. Plus I like that they are crystal-clear and stain-resistant. I use them to store my baking basics, like flour, sugar and brown sugar. They are air-tight, so they keep the ingredients really fresh. The smaller container in this set works perfectly for chocolate chips! I always have the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies on hand because you never know when a craving might strike! My friend Molly’s recipe is my favorite because they stay super fluffy!


Use a Lazy Susan with compartments for smaller items. Rather than pushing smaller items around in the cupboard to find what I’m looking for, I find that a rotating container works well. I especially like ones that have separate compartments, which is ideal for storing sprinkles and extracts.

Store cupcake liners in a clear container. I have an addiction to cute cupcake liners (fun fact: most of my recipes are inspired by the cute decor I find). The only problem is that they take up a lot of space. I found that the best way to organize them is with a clear container because I can easily see what I have and they are still neatly stored.

Baskets for food coloring. Over the years I’ve acquired quite the food color collection. They used to be loosely scattered in my cupboard, but I recently bought a small basket to place them in. Now I can easily find what I’m looking for as I bake.

Save space with nesting bowls. I got this set of pink mixing bowls for a college graduation present and they are still my favorite! Nesting bowls save a lot of space. I even store a smaller set of nesting bowls inside the pink ones.

Add additional shelves. It took me a while to figure out what height I wanted our shelves to be. After playing around with a few combinations, I realized I wanted the first shelf to be higher in order to make room for my taller containers. However, I didn’t need the entire width to be that tall so I added another shelf to avoid wasted space. This is the perfect spot for stacking smaller items.  

Put the items you use most often on the lower shelves. I don’t use cupcake liners or ramekins for every recipe, so I keep those on the top shelf. Since I’m not always scooting them around to find what I’m looking for they stay nice and organized.

Place hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang utensils. I wasn’t sure what to do with some of my measuring cups and mixer attachments, so I decided to add a few hooks to the cabinet doors. This allows me to easily grab them and they have a “home” rather than just being tossed in behind the ingredients.

Find more pantry organization tips using Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCETM containers here. Also, if you have any other tips for storing baking supplies I would love to hear them in the comments below!